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Summerlight's recent projects include product management on mobile apps, console & PC games, video streaming services, Esports platforms, social networks, wagering platforms, virtual reality,  and children's educational applications. Other recent work includes company growth, partnerships, product launch & scaling and investment strategy



Summerlight specializes in helping start-up, early stage and established companies achieve success.  Our clients range from individuals with nothing more than an idea to massive, well-known media companies.



Summerlight works with start-up and established companies.  Our clients and partners come from a wide range of industries.

Established in California in 2009, Summerlight initially helped video game companies develop mobile and online products.  Today, Summerlight is based in New York and works in many industries including video games, mobile apps, streaming video, eSports, hardware, wearables, medical, education, film & television and more.



Some of our clients and partners include:

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